What matters most is you.


We’re an ever-evolving community credit union with a big mission—to build a better financial future for our members. And we’d love for you to join our team! With just about 125 team members, 35,000 members, and three branches in Wheaton, Naperville, and Downers Grove; we believe that making a difference in our members lives starts with you.

Onboarding Process

“I have never experienced this type of orientation process before. I can’t believe the credit union is spending three days to get me prepared to work here.  My previous company had just thrown me into my position and its sink or swim. I’m impressed that the credit union is spending the time and money to make sure I am prepared to start my new career.” – New Hire 7/22/19

We want you to live your best life—this means setting you up for success the minute you walk through the door. We believe from day one you are here to make a difference, so don’t be surprised when a member from our executive team pops in during your orientation to introduce themselves to you and welcome you aboard. You aren’t just another “New Hire”, you’re unique, and so is our approach to onboarding.  Rather than the typical “at your desk” approach to orientation, you’ll work hands-on with a multitude of team members from our Education and Development team, HR, and subject matter experts from all over the credit union. They’ll walk you through all of our key systems, policies, and applications so that when you do sit down at your desk, you’re not overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll receive a one-on-one a tour of both operations centers and all three branch locations.

Our key to personal growth and success is being able to do things that actually interest you.

From orientation and beyond, we offer in-house workshops, seminars, and team building events that will feed your personal and professional growth. Whether it’s helping our Community Development team during the annual Back-to-School fundraiser, or joining the Education and Development department’s Products and Services Workshop so that you—teller, loan officer, or collections—know how to best assist members; we aim to make learning and growth a career-long adventure.


“When it came time to step into my actual role and meet the coworkers in my department, I was met with a warm welcome. My desk was decorated with streamers, balloons, and a welcome banner with my name on it. It made me feel appreciated before I’d even settled in.” – Bryan

Did you know that most American’s spend a third of their lives at work? Your coworkers become like a second family. That’s why we want to make sure that your life here is more than just a “job.” We want to fuel your passion and create an environment that makes you want to come to work every day.

It’s why we value an open culture. One that cultivates creativity and rewards feedback. Our open door policy means we value feedback from everyone and genuinely want to see you succeed. It’s also why we encourage everyone to communicate with one another, from the President of the company to you—our new hires. Share your stories and let others share theirs. Every day is a learning experience.

Employee Investment

“Being a new manager can be difficult, but the Credit Union has a long-term growth plan. They set me up for success by sending myself and other managers to a series of trainings with renowned speakers. I’m happy to be a part of an organization that values professional and personal growth.” – Alex

We want DuPage Credit Union to be your end game. The place you feel like home and where you know that you can grow.

As a team member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend some of the biggest seminars and conferences in United States, like HOW Design Live, Young Professionals Conference, and the CO-OP THINK conference. And, after a year of service, eligible team members can received up to $1,500 in college tuition reimbursement for qualifying coursework.

In addition to these personal and professional development opportunities, we understand that having time to relax is essential. You can earn up to two weeks of paid time-off within the first year here, extra time to volunteer at non-profit organizations, 10 paid holidays, as well as 8 sick days and 3 personal days after you’ve completed your first 90 days. We believe in giving back!

What we want from you

“Someone who wants to be involved, committed and motivated to change. A forward thinker that can see beyond how things are now. Able to be creative, innovative, and challenge how things are currently being done while remaining objective.” – Rachel

We value our team members;  their ideas, aspirations, and careers goals are important to us and we believe in providing the tools and training needed to make bring them to life.  We want  you to come to work every day excited to learn and experience more.  We want to support you, just as you support us with your hard work and dedication.  Together, WE CREATE a culture like no other!

If our culture resonates with you, if you love helping people every day, and if you have new ideas you’d love to share; we’d love for you to join the credit union.

Visit our careers page to see our openings.

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